MC26 Overview

The MULSECO MC26 represents the latest dry-cleaning technology cleaning in vacuum conditions.  The MC26 is designed specifically for use with modern hydrocarbon solvents to be energy saving, safe and environmentally friendly with superior cleaning results.


  • Clean, Distill and Dry under partial vacuum (NEW TECHNOLOGY)

  • Airless-SECOTM technology reduces drying time

  • Vac-PlusTM vacuum distillation technology

  • Extra large distillation heating surfaces 

  • Large color LCD touch monitor control panel in multi-languages

  • Selection of built-in and smart maintenance programs 

Robust - Energy Saving - Environmentally Safe

Key Features 


Airless-SECOTM technology improves efficiency

  • With Airless-SECOTM partial vacuum technology, the adhesive force on dirt in fibers is greatly reduced

  • At lowered atmospheric pressure, the solvent evaporates at a lower temperature reducing energy consumption and shortens drying time.

  • Safe Airless-SECOTM system eliminates the need of nitrogen tank

Fast and Safe Vac-PlusTM Vacuum Distillation

  • Vac-PlusTM distillation system uses vacuum to achieve a lower boiling point in distilling hydrocarbon solvents. 
  • Multiple sensors allow for precise solvent temperature control

Developed under strict European standards

  • The machine will not operate until the required vacuum conditions is achieved.
  • Temperature and pressure is monitored by independent pressure switches and mechanical fail-safe cut offs ensures machine is shut off in case of system failure​

Easy Maintenance:

  • Choose from multiple pre-loaded wash programs or customize your own programs.
  • Smart built-in maintenance system alert operators of errors and provide immediate support to operators.
  • Placement of components designed for easy maintenance access to minimize disruption to operation.               

Built with top quality brands from Europe, Korea and Japan

  • Vacuum pumps        
  • Solvent pumps
  • Viton® seals on major components
  • Electrical components   
  • Inverter                            
  • All cables                         
  • Universal PLC system








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