Our Mission

The MULSECO brand was founded in 2015 based on a simple idea and mission:


                                   "to build high-quality, well-designed, safe and easy to maintain 

                                    dry cleaning machines which exceeds the expectations of our customers"


Our group of founders are seasoned engineers, service technicians and entrepreneurs who have been serving the dry cleaning industry since 1985. 


Premium Quality 

MULSECO dry cleaning machines are designed to meet European standards.  Our machines are manufactured in China under strict European assembly requirements using high-quality imported components from Europe for safe, reliable performance.   


Be a part of your Success

The philosophy behind our manufacturing processes is to combine the excellence of our brand with impeccable customer support.  We believe that our success and reputation is closed linked with the value added solutions we bring to satisfy our customer’s endeavors. We believe that good design is powerful, safety is essential and satisfying your needs is of uttermost importance.